Supporting the next generation of Josephites

in partnership with

Old Boys’ Association (OBA) and

 Bangalore Jesuit Educational Society (BJES) 



Why are we fundraising?

We hope that you will consider contributing to improve the experiences of students and staff at SJBHS. Funds will be directed to a number of priorities including:

SJBHS Sports Complex Deficit (Rs. 16 Cr)

SJBHS Academic Building Upgrades

Department Endowments for Staff Compenation (English, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Languages, etc.)

OBA Programs 

    1. OBA Welfare funds
      1. Medical Insurance for the teachers
      2. Staff Appreciation / Support fund
      3. Mid-Day Meal for school children
      4. Accident Insurance for the teachers
    2. OBA Awards (for academic, cultural or sports excellence)
    3. OBA Loyola Scholarships (Full financial support for students as identified by the school)
    4. OBA Other Funds (for specific initiatives which directly benefit present students, teachers and support staff at school as represented by Father Principal)

The real measure of our Jesuit institutions lies in who our students become, what they value and what they do later in life and work. The alumni are the face of our institutions and our vision in the larger society and our goodwill ambassadors in the world.

Fr Dionysius Vaz, SJ

Provincial, Karnataka

Our Jesuit education aims at forming men and women of conscience, commitment, compassion and competence by reaching out to the less fortunate in society.


Fr Michael John SJ

Former Principal, SJBHS

The Bangalore Jesuit Educational Society (BJES) continue to build the reputation of St. Joseph’s Boys High School and expand our outreach to the poorest of the poor in Karnataka through our educational institutions, hostels and empowerment programs for disadvantaged communities.

Fr. Brian Pereira, SJ

Rector, SJBHS

We see education as not merely academic instruction, but as a continuous process of moral and spiritual growth.


Fr. Sunil Fernandes SJ

Principal, SJBHS

St. Joseph’s Alumni Association of North America (JAANA),

Virginia non-profit non-stock corporation (State ID: 11134048)

8150 Leesburg Pike #1010 Vienna VA 22182